A guide to the types of roses

Jaclyn Roma Floral Design excels in bringing the freshest and most alluring of flowers throughout the four seasons of the year to its valued customers.

But one flower, defies the seasons and is available all year round.

This is very good news for any florist, as the Rose is one of the most popular flowers.

Here at Jaclyn Roma Floral Design, the process begins by choosing the best suppliers, so that we know we are producing for our customers, the best example of a rose they can find anywhere.

Once our Roses have been sourced, we prepare to keep the Roses in the coldest conditions possible for the longest time possible, as this aids the Rose’s longevity and if adhered to, the Rose can last up to 2 weeks in a vased arrangement.

Each Rose variety has their own unique way of opening, because their colour, bloom size, bloom shape, petal shape, fragrance and foliage is unique unto itself and can influence the type of Rose  you wish to choose. For example, while a perfumed Rose is sensual and alluring, its vase length is much shorter than a Rose without perfume.

Also, each Rose blooms differently. This applies to the tightness of the petal centre, known as ‘the teacup’ shape, to other Roses that bloom very quickly and display all the levels of petals. Either way, the Rose will still hold its shape for many days in a vase just that way.

Here at Jaclyn Roma Floral Design, so that the beauty of nature can be admired greatly, we remove the outer layer of petals. This also ensures that you receive the most perfect example of a rose, without a blemish or a bruise due to delivery or handling.

Not only does each Rose bloom differently, each colour of a Rose tells a different story.

One such story is that countries have adopted the Rose as their unique emblem. For example, England enjoys the Rose as its national flower. This decision came into prominence in England, during the War of the Roses, which took place between the years of 1455 to 1485.

This was when the House of Lancaster,  represented by the Red Rose, fought against the House of York, which was represented by the White Rose.

Also, as recently as 1986, the Rose became the floral emblem for the United States of America. It is the official flowers for four states. These being New York, Iowa, North Dakota and Georgia.

In centuries gone by, the colour of the Rose spelled a thousand words, so one needed to be very precise about what message they wanted to convey to the recipient.  Please read their various meanings below:


A Red Rose:

This is the traditional symbol for love and will always say ‘I love you”.

They are the symbol for beauty and perfection and the deeper the colour red, can reveal an unconscious beauty.


A Pink Rose:

This beautiful colour conveys happiness, gracefulness and admiration. It conveys a sentiment of stability and commitment.


A Yellow Rose:

This bright and cheerful colour conveys friendship and warmth and sends a message of the joy and happiness that the couple enjoy together.


A White Rose:

The White rose is a symbol of purity and innocence and thereby new experiences, such as weddings and christenings and first Communions. They are also perfect for remembrance and sympathy.


A Orange Rose:

The Orange Rose represents the desire, enthusiasm and excitement of a relationship that is currently being experienced .This colour rose will symbolise your will to continue with the relationship. A Salmon coloured Rose will also imply the same sentiments as the Orange Rose.


A Peach Rose:

Are you grateful for someone, or something? Then send a bouquet of Peach coloured Roses. It is the perfect and most elegant way of saying ‘Thank you”!


A Cream Rose:

A Cream Rose represents charm and thoughtfulness and is a wonderful accompaniment in colour to the Peach and or Pink Rose for either grace or appreciation.

The number of Roses in bouquet also says a’ thousand words’

One Single Rose of any colour depicts the utmost devotion and a way to say ‘Thank you”

Two Roses entwined together is a silent proposal of marriage, as the entwining symbolises unity.

Six Roses is asking to be loved and cherished, while Eleven Roses assures the recipient that they are truly loved and cherished.

And thirteen Roses, means you have a secret Admirer!

So please come and select your Rose choice here a Jaclyn Roma Floral Design and let us help you say exactly what you want to say in the most cared for and professionally presented manner possible!

We look forward to serving you.


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